April 24, 2014
4:11 am

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Commissioners discuss south side liquor sales and consumption in parks

Ottawa, Ill. -- Ottawa City Council members are thinking about whether to allow liquor sales on the south side.
     Kroger has asked about getting a liquor license, despite the decades old ban. Mayor Bob Eschbach says it could help keep the store profitable so it can stay open.
     Commissioner Dale Baxter is a south-sider himself and not a believer in the myth that no south-siders ever drink alcohol. He says he could probably accept some liquor licenses.
     For now, the City Council is just talking about it.
     It’s also talking about whether to allow some alcohol use at parks. Commissioner Dan Aussem says sometimes people who reserve park shelters for group events ask about the restriction.
     Commissioner Dale Baxter, a former police chief, would rather not allow alcohol use in parks. He says that would put the city in the position of having to always monitor it and decide who’s being responsible and who isn’t.
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