September 22, 2014
5:12 pm
Freezin' for a Reason 2014

Save the Date!!

Freezin' for A Reezin' is coming back to the Handy Foods IGA parking lot from 7am to 7pm, Friday, December 12, 2014. If you are a business and want to help, with the 2014 Freezin' for A Reezin' start thinking about organizing a food drive within your business. Not sure how you can help? Contact Karen Rhodes today!! 815-434-6050.


Latest News!

NEW EVENT THIS YEAR- "Celebrafreeze"  headed up by Matt Skelly.  Local celebrities come out to bare the winter elements with me for a couple of hours until they bring in $1000 or 500lbs of food.
Ottawa Elementary School Competition - headed up by Bob and LouAnn Carretto.  The grade schools run competitions in each school to see which class can bring in the most food.  The winning class wins a trip to "Freezin for a Reezin" to sing live on the air and they get a party sponsored by a local food establishment.
Milk Money - headed up by Brad Hughes (I call him my "milkman")  Brad reaches out to community members to sponsor one month of milk at the food pantry.  Each month the pantry spends about $1000 on milk so no family has to be without milk.
500 lb Challenge - headed up by Melissa Ruvalcaba.  Melissa contacts many area employers and invites them to compete in the challenge.  The one who brings in the most food over 500 lbs wins a big 'Freezin for a Reezin" trophy and braggin' rights.
"Freezin for a Reezin Wear" - headed up by Lenise Leipold.  Lenise gets our t-shirts and hoodies for us to sell and all the proceeds go to the food pantry. 
Handy Foods IGA - Mike McGrogan and Dave Neurohr line up products ready to purchase for cost in the store and will have them delivered out to our truck for the customers.  Mike also does "Chillin n' Grillin' donating proceeds to the pantry.  This runs over the lunch hour .  Mike gets the grill going and serves up a delicious lunch off the grill at Freezin.
Stevenson Transfer- Mike Stevenson supplies all the trucks and loads, weighs and delivers the donated food to the pantry. 
Volunteers - headed up by Todd Conroy.  It takes many people to get the job done at Freezin for a Reezin and Todd lines up all the help.  If anyone is interested all they have to do is get in touch with Todd.
Illinois Valley Building Trades along with the City of Ottawa take care of all the set up of tents and outdoor heaters plus they erect the stage and then they are there at the end of the day to take it all down .  Also, the Illinois Valley Building Trades puts up and takes down all of our signs. 

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