August 28, 2014
6:21 am
Janet Wilke makes quilt for Seattle Sutton
Janet Wilke of Grayslake, Illinois has lost 157 pounds in a little over a year and was the keynote speaker at this year’s national distributors meeting held at Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating Headquarters in Ottawa Wednesday afternoon.
Just a few months after the Majestic Theatre in Streator converted from 35mm film to digital projectors, co-owner Tim Burke asked Katie Troccoli to buy the theatre for $248,000 or get out, says Troccoli.  She gave Ottawa radio her side of the story Wednesday morning.
Sensing the closeness of the race, Republican governor candidate Bruce Rauner says winning will be all about making sure his supporters vote for him.
Ottawa Mayor Bob Eschbach warned last week that there are “a lot of moving parts” in a deal to turn over the Little City Building to a new owner. In an update to the City Council Tuesday, he explained a catch-22.
On Wednesday, the E. 18th Road crossing, one mile west of Leland and the N. 48th and E. 23rd Road crossing between Somonauk and Leland will close intermittently.
Marine Cpl. Jacob Moyer served in Afghanistan this year and he’s coming home to Ottawa Friday. Illinois Patriot Guard Ride Captain, Troy Walker, says he doesn’t know they’re planning a welcome home rally for him in Washington Park Friday afternoon.
A fire on E. Broadway St. in Marseilles last night caused up to $50,000 in damage to a house that already had damage from last year’s flood.
Ottawa Regional Medical Center Nurse Practitioner Angela Todd says everyone exposed to it needs to monitor and manage the signs of trouble.
There wasn’t any fire, but a fire alarm sounded for 20 minutes at LaSalle Station Monday morning.
Some mosquitoes in LaSalle County have tested positive for West Nile Virus.  The LaSalle County Health Department says it’s the first documented virus activity in the county this year.
The Ottawa Elementary School District got a grant for replacing an HVAC unit on top of Shepherd Middle School. Superintendent Cleve Threadgill explains.
The OSF St. Elizabeth Foundation gave an Automated External Defibrillator to the Illinois Valley Titans baseball organization.
The deadline to submit nominations for the Illinois Valley Community College and LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College Hall of Fame is Friday, September 5.
Brandon Gonzales and Nicole OShea, two local animal activists, will be at a peaceful protest at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium Saturday morning.  The protest is aimed at educating the public on how dolphins and whales get to aquariums and marine parks around the world and how they're treated once they're there.
If you can drive a truck and want to make a lot of money right away, you may want to ask about a team truck driving job at Conway Truck Load.
Ottawa police officers were drying out their uniforms and gear Friday morning after about eight hours coaxing a suicidal man out of a house during rain storms.
Local unemployment didn’t change in LaSalle County from June to July, but it went up in some neighboring counties.
Ransom is about to shut down a well for repair. Starting Monday morning (August 25), Village President Vince Warwick is asking residents to limit their water use to cooking and bathing.
Grand Rapids Enterprises is getting a $61,000 contract to make drainage better on Ottawa’s south side.
Five new photo enforcement vans will be popping up around work zones in Illinois State Police District 17. If a van catches you speeding, a $375 ticket will be mailed to you.
The LaSalle County Zoning Board of Appeals recommends approving a special use permit for Northern White Sand where it wants to build a sand drying facility west of Ottawa.
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