April 19, 2014
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Ottawa Floodplain Manager Mike Sutfin says waiting for somebody else to do something about flooding won’t solve the flooding problem.
This year’s Morel Fest in Ottawa will have a celebrity host. Chauncey from the Chauncey’s Great Outdoors radio show says he learned mushroom hunting the way most people do—from his family.
HVAC units, a roof, and a boiler need to be replaced.
Supt. Cleve Threadgill says end-of-year adjustments must be made.
The seemingly endless winter is still having an effect on school schedules. Ottawa Elementary students’ last day will be a half-day on June 6.
Marseilles City Council members listened this week to a noise complaint from a North St. resident.
Marseilles Elementary is marking a year since the flood with an open house from 5:30pm to 7:30pm tonight (April 17) while the city of Marseilles hosts a cookout nearby.
Marseilles Finance Commissioner Bob Davis is still working on getting all the reimbursement the city can for flood recovery. Meanwhile, an $8.4 million annual budget is the city’s spending plan for next fiscal year separate from any flood related costs.
In 1918, a rush order for the U.S. Postal Service had a problem. The airplane on some prints of the new air mail stamp was upside down. In 2014, that's being repeated on purpose.
Starting next school year, Ottawa Central students will have a home room they actually spend a lot of time in.
People who attended an organizational meeting last night for saving the Ottawa High School building trades program plan to ask at least two more people to show up with them at this month’s school board meeting.
A business that does one-day events where alcoholic drinks are served couldn’t get a LaSalle County liquor license last year.
Because things change, the LaSalle County Board is updating its rule book.
Gardeners in Ottawa who do really good work this year might find prizes in their yards. Ottawa Is Blooming contest co-chair Melissa Ruvalcaba says organizers will give out the "Golden Trowel".
Nine year old Lily Miller of Ottawa made 16 of her 25 free throw attempts at the Elks National Hoop Shoot over the weekend. So did three other girls.
St. Sen. Sue Rezin invited numerous representatives from communities along the Illinois and Fox rivers to her second floodplain management meeting at Ottawa City Hall Monday. She took note of who didn’t show up.
The Ottawa High School music department has won again. After the organizational contest over the weekend, the Illinois High School Association posted a 1,026 overall score for OHS.
Tom Bardwell, First Vice President with Morgan Stanley Investment Management, says he knows first-hand how important it is to prepare for a disaster.
The community of Ottawa is continuing its effort to save the building trades program at Ottawa High School.  Traci Turnquist, Billy Johnson, and David Rabideau were on WCMY’s The Morning Meeting with Jay LeSeure Thursday talking about how important the program is to the community and the students.
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