February 1, 2015
12:55 am
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Spring Valley Democrat’s first would provide money for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency during fiscal year 2016 which starts on July 1.
Two area men allegedly robbed the Grand Ridge Shell gas station on Rt. 23 Friday.  A Grand Ridge Police officer saw a vehicle leave from the area at a high rate of speed and a chase ensued.
Gov. Bruce Rauner says there’s something wrong with the way Illinois chooses judges. First, he says it’s arguable whether judges should be elected.
A window on the front of Reddick Mansion is boarded up.  Diane Sanders, President of the Reddick Mansion Association, says the window has lost a wooden stile and she’s afraid they may lose the antique glass or even worse, someone could get hurt.
Steven Brusatte is being inducted into Ottawa High School’s Hall of Fame on Saturday, February 14.  Brusatte is a paleontologist who got his doctorate degree from Columbia University in New York.
The OSF Healthcare system has joined the Health Care Transformation Task Force. Senior Vice President for Care Management Dr. Ralph Velazquez says it’s about moving to a value based reimbursement system.
One in 13 people in the area who wanted to have a job were instead out of work in November and December.
LaSalle County Sherriff Tom Templeton says a man from Earlville died in a one vehicle crash Wednesday afternoon.  The crash happened on N. 42nd Road one-half mile east of E. 7th Road in Meriden Township.
There have been no confirmed cases of measles in LaSalle County for 20 years, but Illinois Department of Public Health officials have confirmed a case in suburban Chicago.
The local version of the Tea Party versus the Republican Party battle is playing out in questions about why Republicans on the LaSalle County Board voted for a property tax increase last month.
Val Van der Meer was one of the founders of the school's booster club.
School districts across Illinois are getting behind an agenda called Vision 20/20. Ottawa High School Board members voted unanimously to get behind it Monday night.
The founder of GTI Holdings says Gov. Rauner should move forward and approve licenses for medical marijuana farms and dispensaries for the benefit of patients and the economy.
Donald Grobe will be inducted into the Ottawa Township High School Hall of Fame next month.
Grobe was a lyric tenor who sang at the Deutsch Oper in Berlin for 26 years.
Director of Development, Tracy Beattie, says it’s one of the biggest fundraisers of the year and is expected to raise at least $30,000.  Businesses can be a champion for local children by attending or sponsoring the event.
The Ottawa Elementary School Board has approved its intent to borrow $4.8 million.  Superintendent Cleve Threadgill says the plan is to do it in the fall.
It allows the company to discharge some carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide during sand mining, drying, and loading.
The United Way of Eastern LaSalle County says its volunteers helped people file more than 650 tax returns last year. Refunds and credits amounted to $766,000.
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