April 22, 2014
11:17 pm

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Volunteers and a few paid city workers cleaned up and spread mulch in the downtown Ottawa streetscape areas along LaSalle St. Wednesday.
Some local Republicans are upset about what they call a Tea Party takeover of the LaSalle County Republican Party.
The LaSalle County Sheriff’s Office got a call about a man pinned underneath a door, but when the ambulance and deputies got there, 59-year old Steven A. Lehr was already dead.
A driving under the influence charge against a Serena woman is likely to be upgraded because another driver died in a crash she was involved in.
Ottawa Police talked a man down from jumping off the Veterans Memorial Bridge Tuesday afternoon.  The man sat on the ledge of the bridge for about a half hour before officers were able to get him down.
If you have some junk electric appliances to get rid of, you probably can at a free electronics drop-off this weekend.
Chicago Artist John Adduci is making a 14-foot tall stainless steel sculpture in front of Illinois Valley Community College’s Peter Miller Community Technology Center.  The piece of art will look like a universal on/off switch and will be a working sundial too.
Rocky Raikes of Marseilles has been the LaSalle County Democratic Party Chairman since 2000. 
Ottawa Elementary Schools got over $1,484 and Ottawa High School got $1,068 to buy books, CDs, DVDs, or to improve technology with new computers or better Wi-Fi connectivity.
Tom Nauman with Morel Mania says the south is having an awesome mushroom season. He says northern Illinois will too when the Midwest Morel Fest happens in Ottawa the weekend of May 3.
Supt. Jo Ellen Fuller says doors will unlock with electronic cards.
A former Republican Congressional candidate is calling for people to rally against amnesty based immigration reform outside a meeting of Republican leaders in Chicago Tuesday.
Ottawa Floodplain Manager Mike Sutfin says waiting for somebody else to do something about flooding won’t solve the flooding problem.
This year’s Morel Fest in Ottawa will have a celebrity host. Chauncey from the Chauncey’s Great Outdoors radio show says he learned mushroom hunting the way most people do—from his family.
HVAC units, a roof, and a boiler need to be replaced.
Supt. Cleve Threadgill says end-of-year adjustments must be made.
The seemingly endless winter is still having an effect on school schedules. Ottawa Elementary students’ last day will be a half-day on June 6.
Marseilles City Council members listened this week to a noise complaint from a North St. resident.
Marseilles Elementary is marking a year since the flood with an open house from 5:30pm to 7:30pm tonight (April 17) while the city of Marseilles hosts a cookout nearby.
Marseilles Finance Commissioner Bob Davis is still working on getting all the reimbursement the city can for flood recovery. Meanwhile, an $8.4 million annual budget is the city’s spending plan for next fiscal year separate from any flood related costs.
The community of Ottawa is continuing its effort to save the building trades program at Ottawa High School.  Traci Turnquist, Billy Johnson, and David Rabideau were on WCMY’s The Morning Meeting with Jay LeSeure Thursday talking about how important the program is to the community and the students.
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