April 23, 2014
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America's leading authority on organization, Sue Crum, has the solution on how to cut the chaos, clear up priorities, and tackle the clutter at home. Look for her newest book soon to be released: Clear Your Clutter: 50 Ways to Organize Your Life, Home, or Business So You can Become More Calm, Focused, and Happy". 

Two of the Telecommunicators (TC's) from Ottawa Central Dispatch: Eddie Wielgopolan and the "Telecommunicator of the Year" Joel Smith.
Traci Turnquist, supporter of the movement to save the Building Trades program at Ottawa Twp. High School talks with Jay LeSeure on Wednesday morning about the Tuesday night strategy session in preparation for the April 28th Board of Education meeting.
Discussion on the history of the downtown Ottawa LaSalle County courthouses since 1830.
Cast members from "Shrek, the Musical": Marquette HS Seniors Bryn Landreth, Jibril Church, Madison Schramer, and Ken Murphy.
On the WCMY "Morning Meeting" April 10th, Jay LeSeure talks with Traci Turnquist, David Rabideau, and Billy Johnson - three supporters of the facebook group "SAVE BUILDING TRADES AT OTTAWA TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL".
Ottawa Twp. High School District 140 Superintendent Matt Winchester, Head Bookeeper/Chief Financial Officer Brenda O'Donnell, and Board of Education member Don Harris explain the district finances, the impact of local taxes on the budget as well as state and federal money, and how the various funds are managed. The discussion also includes a review of the curriculum in the area of
Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL 16) talks with Jay LeSeure on "The Morning Meeting" April 9th about a bi-partisan skills training bill that he is co-sponsoring, and also the Fort Hood shooting tragedy and on-base weapons.
The championship team of the annual Marquette Academy "Beach Ball Volleyball Tournament": Tyce Love, Garett Geiger, Primo Pattelli, Alex Granam, Aidan Thompson, Danny Widman, Gabe Almeda, Evan Mann, Victor Mullen.
Congressman Adam Kinziinger talks with Jay LeSeure on "The Morning Meeting" about federal monies for repair to the Marseilles Lock & Dam, talk on Capitol Hill about minimum wage, and the Ukraine situation.
Two of LaSalle County's young farmers, Justin Durdan and Bill McDonnell, talk with Jay LeSeure about farming in the 21st Century.
WCMY Sports Director Ryan Kelly said "Goodbye" on Friday, March 21st, as he left Radio Broadcasting for a new career path. Here's Ryan's last interview with Jay LeSeure, Karen Rhodes, and Dave Damyen on "The Morning Meeting".
Most of the Seniors on the Marquette Academy High School Baseball team: Tyler Verona, Nolan Durdan, Joe Garland, Mike Hogan, Cole Lindhout, Matt Allen, Dalton Morris, Bryce Hinkelman, and Andrew Allen.
Mollie Perrot of the Ottawa Historical and Scouting Heritage Museum talks about the history of Ottawa's Hilliard Bridge (1933-1982) after obtaining a photo album of the bridge construction from start to finish.


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