September 2, 2014
5:22 pm
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Three members of the Marquette Crusaders Varsity Football team: Neal Durdan, John Lechtenberg, and Joe Wheatland .
Joining Marseilles Mayor Patti Smith on "The Morning Meeting" is Seattle Sutton who talks about the new downtown clock dedicated to the memory of her husband, Dr. Kelly Sutton, that will be unveiled on August 30th. Also, she invites everyone to an open house at Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating Ottawa facility on Wednesday the 27th.
Shelli Ocepeck, Executive Director of Eastern LaSalle County, explains the application process for the 2014 Labor of Love on October 4, 2014. Homeowners who need assistance with repairs, cleanup, or other household needs are encouraged to review the eligibility requirements and fill out an application.
Public Service Announcement
        School Is Starting – Watch Out for Our Students!
Those big, yellow buses will soon be driving on streets and highways, transporting our parents’ most precious commodities to and from the public and private schools in Illinois.  In most Illinois districts, as well as LaSalle County, school will be
Ottawa First President Larry Johnson talks about the annual Fireworks Raffle, the early-bird drawings, how to get a ticket, and more about the non-profit fireworks fundraising group and its community activites. And, how to get involved.
Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL 16) talks with Jay LeSeure on "The Morning Meeting" April 9th about a bi-partisan skills training bill that he is co-sponsoring, and also the Fort Hood shooting tragedy and on-base weapons.
Two of LaSalle County's young farmers, Justin Durdan and Bill McDonnell, talk with Jay LeSeure about farming in the 21st Century.
Arnie Bandstra of the Ottawa Canal Association and Jerry Huslander of the LaSalle County Historical Society talk about the I & M Canal and its' history. And, a community invitation to the 30th Anniversary celebration of the I & M Canal Heritage Corridor Association on Sunday, August 24th, at the Toll House/Canal Boat display on the canal between LaSalle and Columbus Streets in Ottawa.
Communications ethics professor, history teacher, and early talk radio communicator Elmer Lightman has spent two decades researching Rush Limbaugh and his proclaimed "conservatism".  "Everything You Need to Know About Rush Limbaugh "CONSERVATISM" is in wide release. Hear Elmer's conversation with Jay LeSeure on "The Morning
Most of the Seniors on the Marquette Academy High School Baseball team: Tyler Verona, Nolan Durdan, Joe Garland, Mike Hogan, Cole Lindhout, Matt Allen, Dalton Morris, Bryce Hinkelman, and Andrew Allen.
Mollie Perrot of the Ottawa Historical and Scouting Heritage Museum talks about the history of Ottawa's Hilliard Bridge (1933-1982) after obtaining a photo album of the bridge construction from start to finish.

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