July 31, 2014
4:43 pm

Appellate court upholds Streator man's second murder conviction

Ottawa, Ill. -- The Third District Appellate Court has upheld a Streator’s man’s conviction and 45-year prison sentence for his wife’s murder. Forty-six year old James Alvarado had his second trial last year.
     He claimed Judge H. Chris Ryan shouldn’t have given him an all-or-nothing choice for how much of his police interrogation to play in court. Alvarado also claimed Ryan shouldn’t have let the jury see the video a second time. And he asked for day-for-day good time credit for a 25-year part of his sentence given to him specifically for using a gun to kill 35-year old Angela Alvarado.
     Three appellate judges upheld Ryan’s decisions. Alvarado’s case was retried because after the first trial, appellate judges found Ryan should have allowed some and disallowed other testimony.
     This time, the closest they came to agreeing with Alvarado was describing how they would have handled the video. Judges Daniel Schmidt, Mary K. O’Brien, and Vicki Wright said they would have let the defense play only part of it. But then they would have let the prosecution play the rest. That amounts to an allowable difference in case management styles and not a reason to overturn the verdict.
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