April 20, 2014
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Two weeks left to file suit against barge company

Chicago -- A federal judge has moved the next court date for the lawyers involved in the lawsuits against Ingram Barge Company, but the deadline to file a complaint is still in two weeks.
     So far, 63 property owners including the Marseilles Elementary School District and the city of Marseilles are suing Ingram. They claim the company is responsible for their flood damage because of the seven barges that hit the Marseilles Dam in the Illinois River. The U.S. government, which will have to come up with more than $50 million to repair the dam, is also suing Ingram.
     Ingram says it’s also a victim of the flood, the barge accident happened because of the flood and not the other way around, and it was following the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ directions when it happened.
     The last day to file complaints is Friday, August 30. There’ll be a hearing on September 24.
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