July 30, 2014
2:04 am

New St. Rep. John Anthony sworn in

Morris, Ill. -- Newly appointed State Representative John Anthony says his four children are why he wants to be in the legislature. His children, wife, parents, and other relatives were with him outside the Grundy County building in downtown Morris when he took the oath of office Monday.
     Anthony says Illinois government faces some big problems now, mostly having to do with government. Since Democrats have a super-majority in the legislature, Republicans don’t have many options for trying to change the way Illinois government works. Nevertheless, Anthony believes he and other Republicans can talk about their ideas.
     Ottawa Radio asked Anthony what type of Republican he is and will be in the legislature. He answered only that he’s a Republican and wouldn’t specify conservative, libertarian, or otherwise. He said he respects individuals and that legislating requires give-and-take.
     However, willingness to engage in give-and-take is increasingly a liability in politics. People who are more likely to vote in primaries are less likely to accept compromise. That’s one reason in today’s general elections, Democrats are more liberal and Republicans are more conservative than those of a decade or more ago.
     Anthony intends to win the March 18, 2014 primary and go on to the general election on November 4. Since his appointment to fill the vacancy in the 75th District a week ago, he has formed a campaign organization. He believes his campaign plan put him ahead of eight other contenders when he made his case to the four Republican Party chairpersons from the counties he now represents parts of.
     Anthony and everybody else who wants the seat in 2015 and 2016 can start circulating their primary election petitions next week.
     Anthony has been a Kendall County sheriff’s deputy since 2008. He and his wife started a non-profit organization for children called YARN, which stands for Young and Restoring Nations. His family lives in Plainfield.

Here's a raw interview with new St. Rep. John D. Anthony:
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