April 18, 2014
2:04 pm

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Army Corps of Engineers has waterfowl habitat plan

Utica, Ill. -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a plan to restore plants that serve as waterfowl habitat in the Illinois River above Starved Rock Lock and Dam. Chief of Planning Marshall Plumley says the public can check out the plan and ask questions about it during an open house next Wednesday, September 4 from 5pm to 7pm at the Illinois Waterway Visitors Center.
     Public comment can help make the case to Congress to fund it.
     A waterfowl area with plants growing in the water will also help native fish spawn.
     It’s not clear yet how much that will help native fish resist being crowded out by invasive species like Asian carp. But Plumley says native fish need spawning places anyway.
You can read more about the project here:

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