April 17, 2014
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Ottawa bus service may go from free to fee

Ottawa, Ill. -- City bus rides in Ottawa might not be free much longer. The City Council is considering a $1 charge for a ride.
     That’s because the grants that are helping establish a county-wide bus service require an income source besides the grants for all parts of the service. City buses are just one part of the service.
     Finance Commissioner Wayne Eichelkraut doesn’t like having to charge.
     Streets Commissioner Dale Baxter says charging $1 each for about 21,000 rides per year will help keep a grant for $50,000. And, he says, it will smooth out inequities in the new system now.
     If adopted, the fares could be charged starting in October. It’s not out of the question that some people will still get discounts or free bus service through a subsidy for those with the lowest incomes.

The City Council's discussion on bus fares:
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