September 2, 2014
9:09 pm

Cong. Kinzinger says bigger fight than current shutdown is coming
Washington, DC -- Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger says if Congress doesn’t deal with the shutdown now, it’ll have a bigger problem in a few weeks. Another debt limit fight is looming.
     Kinzinger says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid needs to appoint negotiators to meet with negotiators from the House so they can reopen government.
     Kinzinger says he’s still convinced the Affordable Care Act is a bad deal. He says he’ll keep fighting to get rid of it. Some people claim Republicans are afraid of the Affordable Care Act being successful. Kinzinger denies that.
     During the shutdown, Kinzinger isn't taking his pay. He says 800,000 furloughed federal employees aren't being paid, so he shouldn't be either. 

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