April 20, 2014
6:27 pm

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LaSalle County answers law suit over alleged illegal strip search

Chicago -- An Itasca law firm is now representing LaSalle County in a lawsuit over an alleged illegal strip search at the county jail.
     Dana Holmes claims she didn’t do anything to deserve being thrown to the floor, stripped, and left naked for jail officers’ amusement. A statement and a court filing by The Sotos Law Firm denies Holmes’s booking at the county jail in May went down that way.
     The county says Holmes kicked at an officer twice, so officers assertively put her on the floor, removed her clothing, and then quickly brought her a safe suit and a blanket. The county is claiming the officers have received death threats and other threats from people who don’t know the truth.
     That statement by the law firm says with the suggestion that taxpayer money is “available for the taking”, it’s not surprising that attorney Terry Ekl now says other women are claiming the same mistreatment.
     Holmes is serving a conditional discharge period for the drunk driving charge she was arrested for in May.
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Location : Lasalle County
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