September 19, 2014
8:53 pm

Gov. candidate Rauner explains why he thinks he can win
Peru, Ill. -- Being from Chicago can be bad baggage for a candidate in downstate Illinois. But Republican Bruce Rauner says he overcomes it by meeting with people and being himself.
     Rauner is running for governor in a four-way primary race. He says the big thing that separates him from his GOP opponents is that he hasn’t been in Springfield and therefore hasn’t been part of the problem.
     He expects to take decades of business leadership experience up against Democratic Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan who has decades of political leadership experience. Rauner says he’ll move to Springfield and develop relationships with lawmakers.
     He says his governing style will make use of executive orders. While Republicans criticize Pres. Barack Obama for governing that way, Rauner says it has its place. He says he’d do it differently than Democrat Rod Blagojevich did.
     Rauner expects to take a lot of criticism from Democrats for being a rich Republican. However, he says Democrats have supported him when they found it convenient. He says unions have trusted him to invest their money.
     Illinois Republicans often lament that governor candidate Bill Brady won 98 of the state’s 102 counties in 2010 but still lost the race to Democrat Pat Quinn by 32,000 votes. Rauner says the problem is Brady didn’t try in and close to Chicago. Rauner says he can get votes in the heavily populated and very Democratic “Windy City”.
     However, it remains to be seen whether the 2014 governor’s race will have the same dynamic as that of 2010. Third party candidates, including Democrat-turned-independent Scott Lee Cohen, made a strong showing. Quinn’s distance from a majority win eclipsed his close call with Brady. And many Republican votes were driven by the “tea party wave” in which people motivated to support GOP Congressional candidates also supported GOP candidates in other races.
     Rauner spoke to a small town hall gathering at Illinois Valley Superbowl in Peru Saturday.
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