September 1, 2014
4:09 pm

Police watching for krokodil drug
Ottawa, Ill. -- Ottawa Police Chief Brent Roalson says police have no evidence that a drug concoction called krokodil is being distributed in Ottawa. However, it may be a matter of time. Three women in Joliet say they got it from Chicago and that’s where a lot of drugs in the Illinois Valley come from.
     Krokodil acts somewhat like heroin, and the women in Joliet say they thought they were using heroin. Gruesome pictures of what the drug does to its users are easily looked up online. Roalson says anybody with a heroin addiction should get help before they’re at risk of injecting the flesh rotting components.
     Krokodil is made from codeine and mixed with gasoline, lighter fluid, or other chemicals that destroy blood vessels.
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