April 19, 2014
2:03 am

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Rockford tea party organizer challenging Kinzinger for Congress

Rockford, Ill. -- Rockford Tea Party organizer David Hale intends to run against Adam Kinzinger in the Republican primary for Congress in the 16th District. Hale says Kinzinger keeps saying one thing and then doing another when it comes to the nation’s spending. He's critical of the Congressman for voting for more spending than was asked for in his first term.
     Hale says those include projects in former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district. He also says Kinzinger lobs criticism against other Republicans in public that ought to be kept in private.
     One public criticism Hale has for other Republicans generally is not having a cohesive plan to get the nation out of debt and leaving the country limping by from problem to problem.
     Kinzinger’s campaign says it’s not commenting on the upcoming primary for now.

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